Library of Mailsi Bar Association

Library being a constitutional obligation of every Bar Association. Mailsi Bar have a splendid library today.

We have these features:

1. Internet facility to the Members of the Bar.

2. Purchase of all the requisite books i.e. law journals (Local & International), Reference books.

3. Renovation of Library in respect of furniture and fixtures.

4. Provision of better atmosphere, seating arrangements and studying/research facilities…

5. Launching of comprehensive website of the Bar containing complete data of its Members as well as useful links.

6. Permanent appointment of an IT expert to facilitate the Bar members and update its website.

7. Computerizing of books as well as record of Bar.

Further improvement in the capacity of the library and computerization is an ongoing process. We aim at continuous betterment of the library and make it equipped with state-of-the art technology in order to enable the lawyers to get utmost professional benefit. Financial assistance from the Government, Donors, Agenies and Stake Holders may enable us to be most vocal segment of the society. Donations is any shape for the betterment of the library are accepted.

With Regards,

Library Sectary

Asif Nawaz Rizvi

List of Book in Library

Title From
To Status
A.I.R. 1921 1993 Complete
P.L.D. 1949 2009 Complete
P.Cr.L.J 1969 2009 Complete
S.C.M.R. 1968 2009 Complete
P.L.J. 1973 2009 Complete
Law Notes 1969 2009 Complete
C.L.C. 1979 2009 Complete
P.L.R. 1994 2009 Complete
K.L.R. 1979 2009 Complete
Y.L.R 2003 2009 Complete
N.L.R. 1978 2009 Complete
P.L.C. 1960 2009 Complete
M.L.D. 1984 2009 Complete
P.S.C. 1988 2010 Complete

List of Text Books in Library

Book Title Number Unit
Civil 65 Nos.
Criminal 75 Nos.
Rent Laws 15 Nos.
Family Laws 15 Nos.
Encyclopedia 48 Vol.
Pakistan Code 18 Vol.
Punjab Code 6 Vol.
Indian Text Books 40 Vol.
Others 106
Total  Books 388

List of Islamic Books in Library

Different Writers 180

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